2018.03.03. 8 PM Cimbaliband record release

Event date/time : 2018-03-03 00:00

Cimbali’s new record live!

Cimbaliband’s new record: Balkan Projekt

Hungarians believe truth comes in threes – even when the third one looks beyond Hungary’s borders. Cimbaliband has three different concerts of material this year – two of which you may have already heard on Budapest’s best stages. “Recycle” was released in February 2017 at the Fonó; “Cimbaliband Bio” has also been bestowed upon authentic folk music craving audiences at several Budapest festivals. Their third and largest superproduction is a Fonó production and shall be presented to their favorite and most faithful fan crowd - at the Fonó of course!

Balkan Projekt approaches music of the various ethnic groups of the Balkans with Balkan manner and virtuosity, delivering its positive message to the audience. On collecting trips to the Balkans, what captivated Unger Balázs (leader of the band, cymbalom player and folk music teacher) was the Balkan musicians’ incomparable approach to their own folk music. Folk music has not stopped developing there, it is still a part of everyday life - even since the beginning of the new millennium - and this exemplary position is Balkan Projekt’s main message.

And why shouldn’t Cimbaliband take this theme up now – when the whole world is burning with Balkan fever! Serbian and Romanian music have not only taken the largest festival stages by storm, but the pop radio playlists as well! Europe is no longer interested in stars from the West, it’s interested in authentic Eastern European bands! And it’s no wonder. One doesn’t necessarily have to be born in a Gypsy village from a Kusturica film, to understand and feel Balkan music and its feeling for life. The dynamic rhythms and tempestuous dance tunes make our hearts beat too.

Cimbaliband’s repertoire includes dynamic, energetic, tasteful and stylistically right-on interpretations of Serbian, Romanian and Gypsy melodies. The varied arranged tunes include virtuoso instrumental solos, and the usual instrumentation is expanded here with accordion (Barity Zorán), saxophone (Bede Péter) and trumpet (Kovács Ferenc). Hungarian X-Factor winner, singer Danics Dóra has been a Balkan music fan since she was a girl, so maybe it’s her roots that help her slide so easily into that incredibly colorful world. There will be no rest, no standing still; and we suspect that if the band were able to play for one day straight, the audience would still be wanting more!


Fonó Budai Zeneház
116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 3

+36 1 206 5300