2017.05.28. 2 PM Budapest Folk Fest at Castle Garden - Dikanda (PL), Buda Folk Band (HU), Amir Gwirtzman (IL), children and family day.

Event date/time : 2017-05-28 00:00

Budapest Folk Fest - folk/ world music/family programs: FREE admission - all day Sunday

The Castle Garden

3 PM Szárnyas Sárkányok - family performance
4 PM Ági Majorosi Puppet Theatre
5.30 PM Sarjú Band - concert


7 PM Amir Gwirtzman (IL)

Amir Gwirtzman’s production is a complex multi cultural musical weaving – inspired by Latin, American rhythm and blues, jazz, klezmer, celtic, melancholy Armenian music traditions; and the
energy of Gypsy music.

8 PM Buda Folk Band

Buda Folk Band: At the heart of their sound is the pulse of authentic Hungarian folk music, interwoven with musical phrases and stylistic elements drawn from the outside influences which affect, or can affect those living in big cities - far from the birthplace of folk music. Filtering all these elements through each individual personality, Buda Folk Band has created a world of sound that is entirely its own, exciting, sometimes lyrical, yet always bursting with energy.

9.30 PM Dikanda (PL)

“Dikanda is about this expression of death and birth, longing and loneliness. Our concerts are not something set apart from the rest of life,” explains singer, accordionist, and group founder Ania Witczak. “People in the audience may not understand what we sing, but they’ll often break into tears. Or into wild dancing.”

11 PM Folk pub on the Wine Terrace – Music: Fokos (Vojvodina)

Fokos is one of the few bands that carry on tambura music traditions of the Backa Region (Southern Hungary- Northern Serbia); but they also play music from Southern Slovakia, Hungary and Transylvania.

All Sunday programs are FREE!



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