2017.11.11. 8 PM Makám Ensemble - record release concert (location: Pajta)

Event date/time : 2017-11-11 00:00

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Makám’s record release concert

“In the crowd after our acoustic concert this summer at the Kapolcs Arts Festival, I overheard this snippet of conversation: ‘I’ll be surprised if Makám doesn’t come up with a new record this year.’

That’s like an invitation to the next dance – I thought to myself. A summons. Taking a quick count, I realized it would be our 21st [record]. Besides…our ancient culture ascribes certain numbers with wonderful meaning. When I got my composition notebooks out of the drawer, I found fragments of melodies and song texts that til now had only been a few notes or letters. The name of the record Ezeregyéjszaka strongly hints at how much I’ve lately been mulling over Krudy’s writings.
The song words all conjure up the hidden fears, wonders, frights, pain and beauty of dreams and the night. The Orient and Arabian Nights from my childhood come forth. Haiku, ragas, makam rhythms and melodies, and the poetry of Petőfi and Száz Illona also came to mind.”  Krulik Zoltán

Makám Ensemble:
Magyar Bori – voice; Kuczera Barbara – violin, voice; Krulik Zoltán - guitar, voice; Boros Attila - bass guitar; Keönch László - cajon, udu, voice, throat singing.

With guests: Varga Bori – saxophone, kaval; Korényi János – harmonica; Bálint Péter - didgeridoo


In advance: 1500 ft.
Night of the concert: 2000 ft







Fonó Budai Zeneház
116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 3

+36 1 206 5300