2017.12.28. 8 PM Finish the year at the Fonó: Kollár-Klemencz László, Meszecsinka, Nagy Edi Project

Event date/time : 2017-12-28 00:00

Alter world

Kollár-Klemencz László’s new recording draws on classical chamber music and folk music traditions – it is one of the most unique sounding albums of late.
The album “Rengeteg” has exclusively original compositions performed by the composer himself. The texts explore the connections between man and nature. Rengeteg’s music and texts first of all delve into nature, seeking the pure, simple connection between man and nature, and between man and his own nature.
… the melancholy, ballad-like compositions are based on classical songs, played by stringed chamber orchestra, with special instrumentation…strong on atmosphere, with plenty of silence and dynamics.


Meszecsinka was formed at full moon, under a magical spell. The band’s name came from a Bulgarian folk song – and means something like ‘little moon’. They sing in seven languages (Hungarian, Gypsy, Bulgarian, Spanish, Finnish, English, Arabic), come from two different countries (Hungary, Bulgaria) and are headed for Wonderland. They only do what can’t be done.
They blend many styles, but have their own style: life. Meszecsinka plays music by intuition and looks at the world with wonder…they avoid the hit lists and steal their way into your heart.



Singer-songwriter Nagy Edi was an award winner at the 2014 Veszprém Street Music Festival. She puts her confessional, poetic songs into an exciting, changeable musical environment. The NAGYEDi project came out of this. Elements of soul, R&B, jazz, classical, pop rock, folk and world music on a hip-hop/trip-hop base.


In advance: 2000 Ft
Day of the concert: 2500 Ft


Fonó Budai Zeneház
116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 3

+36 1 206 5300