2018.01.31. 6.30 PM Fonó’s Wednesday Dance House – Traditional band from Mócs/Mociu (Transylvania)

Event date/time : 2018-01-31 00:00

An evening of traditional Transylvanian dance and music with dance teaching

The Fonó’s Wednesday night dance house has become a tradition and an institution dedicated to maintaining connections between the urban dance house scene and the traditional musicians and dancers that originally inspired it. The Wednesday night Final Hour events at the Fonó have been going on for nearly 20 years. During that time village dancers from every corner of the Hungarian language area have been guests here.

6:30 PM-  Dance instruction

New dance material starting January 2018: Dances of Szék/Sic, Transylvania
Teaching advanced dancers: Fitos Dezső, Kocsis Enikő
Beginners: Hajdú Flórián, Tóth Melánia

Music for dance teaching: Ádám István Tribute Band
This traditional Hungarian dance instruction is recommended for both beginners and more advanced folk dancers. Dance teaching can be joined any Wednesday, with or without a partner.

9 PM: Traditional musicians from the village of Mócs/Mociu - Final Hour Program

Mócs/Mociu is a village in the part of Transylvania referred to as ‘Inner Mezőség’ about 40 KM east of the city of Kolozsvár /Cluj-Napoca. The Gypsy musicians of Mócs are great, but for years the folk music researchers were occupied mainly with the rich instrumental music of neighboring villages of Magyarszovát/Suatu, Mezőkeszü/Chesău and Magyarpalatka/Pălatca. The musicians from Mócs were first recorded for the Final Hour Collection Project in 2004 at the Hungarian Heritage House in Budapest. Their music, repertoire and playing style will sound familiar to other bowed string music of the Inner Mezőség region. They play for the Romanian communities in the micro region […] and are active musicians to this day. Their repertoire includes: de-a lungu, cigánytánc, sűrű csárdás, târnaveana, men’s solo dance material, traditional Romanian wedding music and local laments.

The group arriving to the Fonó are: Ţuli Carol (born Magyarszovat 1960) left handed lead violin; Covaci Babuţ (born1960) viola; Bodocean Dionisie (born 1947) double bass.

Ethnomusicologist dr. Pávai István is leader of the collection work and host of the evening gala program.


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