2018.02.10. 8 PM Sárik Péter Trio / Kodály Spicy Jazz

Event date/time : 2018-02-10 00:00

Jazz innovation


Sárik Péter Trio

Sárik Péter Trio selects their favorite music from the last 10 years. They'll play material from their album “Jazzkívánságműsor” and their own compositions from “Lucky dog” and the legendary “X Beethoven” albums. In the meantime Sárik Péter will show photos of the most memorable moments over the years.

Everyone is welcome!

Over the past decade the Sárik Péter Trio has become one of the most popular and influential jazz bands in Hungary. Their success comes from the group of open, versatile musicians that have played alongside Sárik Péter. As a result the band has been able to appeal to a much wider audience than most [Hungarian] jazz bands. Their concert atmosphere often resembles pop or rock concerts - even when they play at the Academy of Music. Their natural spontaneity and energy have brought many new fans to jazz.
Their “Jazzkivánságműsor” albums, their CD of arrangements of Beethoven’s works, the children’s record and their own compositions have been hugely successful both in Hungary and abroad. Their albums have been nominated for and won Hungary’s Fonogram music awards.
Over 10 years they have released 6 of their own recordings and have played as guests on another 5 recordings.
They have appeared in concert with a host of Hungarian performers – to name a few: Berki Tamás, Falusi Mariann, Szőke Nikoletta, Luiza Zan, Micheller Myrtill, Illényi Katica, Pély Barna, Palya Bea, Szirtes Edina Mókus, Bíró Eszter, Ávéd János, Gyárfás István, Gyémánt Bálint, Borbély Mihály, Födő Sándor, Tar Gergely



Kodály Spicy Jazz

Kodály Spicy Jazz
A couple hundred years ago, people expressed their emotions, joys, sorrows through folk song. Had there been Top 20 lists back then, certainly the hit folk songs would have had the same themes as today’s most popular hits: longing, love, happiness, heartbreak, splitting up.

At the beginning of the 20th century Zoltán Kodály, one of the most important figures in Hungarian folk music research and collection, made the folk songs popular again.
Now the time has come to bring Kodály’s most well-known, well-loved folk song arrangements to today’s youth in trendy, creative, dynamic forms to make them hits on 21st century platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Spotify or Deezer.

The most important message of Kodály Zoltán’s life work: music is for everyone.
Kodály Spicy Jazz has rethought this:
Kodály should be for the youth of the 21st century, the world over.

Cséry Zoltán – keyboards
Görögh Dániel - trumpet
Köles Márk – drum
Szentgallay György – bass guitar


In advance: 1500 ft
Day of the concert: 2000 ft.




Fonó Budai Zeneház
116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 3

+36 1 206 5300