Budapest Folk Fest

Folk is a deep well nourishing several other genres; it is immensely rich, personal, simple and tolerant. We do not wish to define this genre, nether do we aim to tell what belongs under the notion of “folk”. We are just glad for having been able to offer a chance every spring since 2010 for everyone to have their own choice from a rich inventory of music.

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Festival of Seven Towers

Launched by Fonó Music Hall in 2012, the yearly “Héttorony Fesztivál” / Festival of Seven Towers is organized for the third time at various points in the Carpathian Basin. Similar to last year, festival venues are spread well beyond the boundaries of pres

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Other festivals

Ősök Háza - Fonó Udvar a Művészetek Völgyében

Taliándörögön várunk Benneteket szeretettel az Ősök Házában

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Fonó Salon

Our first mini festival of the year is Fonó Szalon, a unique blend of various amusements: great concerts, splendid wines, exhibitions, and salon discussions. Highlighted event of the Salon is the Wine & Violin – Violin Makers’ Salon weekend, a meeting where masters from first-rate Hungarian workshops exhibit their instruments.

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Fonó Budai Zeneház
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