Cimbaliband - ADMISSION FREE

Cimbaliband - ADMISSION FREE

Event date/time : 2020-08-0820:00

 Cimbaliband’s music mixes Eastern European feeling for life with folk and popular modern music styles. The band members all share a strong basis in folk music, so in Cimbaliband’s magic kitchen the meals are prepared starting with authentic music roots. The musical delicacies are cooked up on a very special instrument, the cymbalom, then spiced with jazz, Latin, rock’n’roll and Balkan rhythms. Around here Balázs Unger (born in Gödöllő, Hungary) has been called the ‘Chuck Berry of cymbalom’. With his rapid riffs and variety of styles he directs the band from behind his acoustic “mixing table” – his cymbalom. All this together makes the original Eastern European cymbalom rock’n’roll!


Danics Dóra - ének, vokál
Unger Balázs - cimbalom, ének, vokál
Unger Gergő - gitár
Solymosi Máté - hegedű
Tóth Gergely - nagybőgő
Babos Lőrinc - dob, derbuka
Barity Zorán - harmonika
Gólya Péter - brácsa


Admission free!




The website of the Band:

The latest album of Cimbaliband, IRAM is available here >>


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