Ég alatti 3, Kovács Linda - Bögöthy Ádám duó - ADMISSION FREE

Ég alatti 3, Kovács Linda - Bögöthy Ádám duó - ADMISSION FREE

Event date/time : 2020-08-0520:00


20.00-20.50 Kovács Linda - Bögöthy Ádám duó
21.00-21.50 Ég alatti 3


Ég alatti 3

The Ég alatti (Under the Sky) winds & bass is an unusually composed line-up, with winds by Márton Udvardi and Krisztián Ördög and bassist Márk Miskolczi. The re-arranged versions of his own compositions and compositions drawn from the jazz of the 50s and 60s create a delicate, airy, chamber music fabric.



Kovács Linda - Bögöthy Ádám duó

The duo of vocals and double bass may seem unusual at first sound, as the duo formation is one of the boldest forms of creation, regardless of musical genre, and unique in this line-up. In the duo’s music, the acoustic sound suggests respect for tradition, while the advent of electronics is a reaction to the effects of the present age. As a result of the kneading of these two approaches, a truly complex and varied musical material is played, the backbone of which is mainly based on own compositions.

 Free admission!

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