FolkEmbassy 10 year anniversary, record release - CONCERT

FolkEmbassy 10 year anniversary, record release - CONCERT

Event date/time : 2021-11-3019:00

FolkEmbassy 10
10 year anniversary and record release celebration

Presented by the Fonó, Philidor Institute and Halmos Béla Program


This year FolkEmbassy celebrates its tenth anniversary. Director of the band is Junior Prima award winning violinist Rosonczy-Kovács Mihály. The concert will present selections from their programs entitled: "… The Great War in folk song and poetry"; "Hungary in Europe - Europe in Hungary"; "Central European Suite"; "… Thanking the Roma for Hungarian Culture"; "The sun is shining… folk karaoke"; "Báthory-Balassi-Bem-Balatonboglár - folk music and early music highlighting Hungarian-Polish friendship".

Following the concert the band invites the audience for a toast.

Folk Embassy:
Rosonczy-Kovács, Mihály – violin
Könczei, Bálint – violas
Jobbágy, Bence – cymbalom
Lakatos, Dávid – double bass

Andrjeszki, Judit – cemballo, voice
Kubinyi, Júlia – voice
Bede, Péter – saxophone
ifj. Szerényi, Béla – hurdy-gurdy, wooden flute, dance

Musica Profana
Lakatos, Mónika – voice
Navratil, Andrea – voice
Juhász, Zoltán – long flute, bagpipe
Zrinyi Gál, Vince – verse, prose

About the band:

Hungarian FolkEmbassy was founded ten years ago, in 2011, by Rosonczy-Kovács Mihály, Junior Prima Award winning folk musician and political analyst specializing in Polish and Italian relations. The main goal of Hungarian FolkEmbassy band is to support Hungarian diplomacy through folk music. "We believe that the artistic experience contributes to the acceptance and promotion of ideas emphasized in conferences, press conferences and publications."

The band’s motto comes from Kodály Zoltán: "He who does not belong to a nation cannot belong to humanity." They present cultural features common to Central European nations, while acknowledging the Gypsies’ role in the Hungarian culture. The band also seeks to participate in strengthening the relationship between the Hungarian dance house movement and the intelligentsia.

In recent years, FolkEmbassy has performed in twelve countries on three continents, including performances in Milan, Hong Kong, Taipei, Ottawa, and in Indonesia. They have been working with Junior Prima Award-winning singer Kubinyi Julia since 2013. The band’s third album, "Báthory-Balassi-Bem-Balatonboglár - folk music and old music on Hungarian-Polish friendship" was presented this year on Warsaw Radio.

Supported by the Hungarian Cultural Fund and the Halmos Béla Program

1000 Ft - in advance
1500 Ft – day of the concert

Please show your Covid Pass at the entrance.

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