Fonó Selection fest – Day 2: Magyarlapád (Transylvania), dance house

Fonó Selection fest – Day 2: Magyarlapád (Transylvania), dance house

Event date/time : 2021-09-1519:00

Fonó Selection 2021
Mini festival
with concerts and conversation on related music issues

Day 2

"These are the productions that move us, that have formed us, have defined how we think about ourselves, or what the outside world thinks about Hungarian music. If you don’t have time to go to concerts, but you’d like to know what’s going on, what audiences, the music scene and the critics are paying attention to in Hungary and abroad - then come to Fonó Selection Mini Festival series and we’ll bring you up to speed! And if you know the bands that’ll be performing, then you’ll be here anyway!" - the Fonó


Dance and music of Magyarlapád/Lopadea Nouă
– A group of folks from this village in Romania arrive to share their local traditional dances, songs and music. Magyarlapád is located in Transylvania on the left bank of the Maros/ Mureș River, about 10 km from the town of Nagyenyed/ Aiud, in a region known as “Kis-Küküllő menti”. The majority of Magyarlapád’s inhabitants are Hungarian. Because the village has kept to their customs and traditions, their dance life also remains intact. The villagers will perform the entire cycle of dances with the local music and songs. The dances are named as follows: „pantazó” (pontozó – slow and fast men’s dance), „kapcsas / karikázó” (girls circle dance), „öreges csárdás” and „szapara” (slow and faster couple dances). The music and songs are an organic part of the dance cycle.


20:00 Örökül Magyarlapádról [Passed down from Magyarlapád] - record release concert
The music of Tranylvania’s Maros-Küküllő river region has an elementary power that sweeps you up and draws you in. The dynamic dances, songs and lyrical melodies go straight to your heart. Their typical pontozó (men’s dance) melodies have a beautifully varied simplcity. This music  passed on from the folks of Magyarlapád is part of a living tradition formed by the natural meeting of new and the old.

“The archaic band music, melodies that come easily to the ear, and endlessly varied and beautiful song texts are what drew me to this music. The music for the record has been put together from recordings of villagers named: Papp Józsefné Kiss Mária, Rettegi Árpádné Farkas Margit, Sipos Márton and Szabó Ferenc.” Kubinyi Júlia

Kubinyi, Júlia - voice
Nyitrai, Tamás – violin
Danhauser, Pál - kontra
Lelkes, András – double bass

21:30 DANCE HOUSE - with musicians and dancers from the village of Magyarlapád

COVID health certification required

Tickets: 1000 Ft (in advance), 1500 Ft (day of the event)


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