Fonó Selection Festival – Day 3: DRESCH, ÖTÖDIK ÉVSZAK

Fonó Selection Festival – Day 3: DRESCH, ÖTÖDIK ÉVSZAK

Event date/time : 2021-09-1619:00

Fonó Selection 2021
Mini Festival
Concerts and conversation on related music issues


“These are the productions that move us, that have formed us, have defined how we think about ourselves, or what the outside world thinks about Hungarian music. If you don’t have time to go to concerts, but you’d like to know what’s going on, what audiences, the music scene and the critics are paying attention to in Hungary and abroad - then come to Fonó Selection’s Mini Festival series. We’ll bring you up to speed! And if you know the bands that are performing, then you’ll be here anyway! “ - the Fonó


19:00 Meybahar duo

Meybahar’s world draws us in and takes us from the cultures of the Aegean Sea and Asia Minor to the innermost resonations of our soul. The band is inspired by reaching deep into our Eastern musical heritage and its connection in space and time to newer freely experienced magical moments of beauty. The band was born when Greek santuri player Marilia Piliti met violinist Kopcsik Márton in Budapest. The santuri and violin make a perfect musical pair which creates a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere on stage, conjuring up Greece’s beautiful olive orchards, the endless hills and mountains of Turkey and Armenia, and the colors of a pomegranate.

Marilia Pilti - santúri
Kopcsik Márton - violin, resonating string

20:00 Dresch Mihály duo
Dresch Mihály is a musician on his own path – hard to place in one particular category. He’s just as at home in folk music as he is in jazz and contemporary music: DRESCH a universal artist. His records usually called ‘Hungarian contemporary’ are timeless creations that can be listened to time and again, even after decades. Each of his records has a fresh, playful, experimental bent that in music or form – make them eternally contemporary, just like his personality: the timeless DreschMisi who plays his instruments with incredible technical knowledge.


21:00 Ötödik évszak
A French love story that begins on the Champs- Élysées, the atmosphere of evening walks the on the banks of the Loire and the Danube and the power of the multi-cultured Eastern European folk music - can all be felt in the music of Ötödik évszak. Their music is a condensation of life stories, poetry, tradition and emotions. Both the city environment and respect for tradition playfully blend in their music. The core of their repertoire starts out from authentic folk music of the Carpathian Basin and branches into the world of improvisational genres. French-Hungarian singer Izabella Caussanel lifts the band’s sound into the unique world of the French chanson. In their song texts we find folk songs and Hungarian and French poetry– using both the Hungarian and French languages.

Formed in 2018 Ötödik évszak came together as friends and relatives with several decades of musical experience. The group members have done their time and proven their love for music playing in many other bands (Lajkó Félix, Buda Folk Band, Dresch String Quartet, Hungarian State Folk Dance Ensemble) in Hungary, Europe and across the oceans. Their goal is an international audience that loves frank, original and improvised acoustic city music played with folk instrumentation.

Members of the band:
Izabella Caussanel – voice
Ifj. Csoóri, Sándor Sündi – voice, viola, tambura
Hegedüs, Máté – violin
Zimber, Ferenc – cymbalom
Szabó, Csobán Gergő – voice, double bass

Tickets: 2000 Ft (in advance), 2500 Ft (day of the concert)

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