Fonó session - Jazz (admission free of charge)

Event date/time : 2019-02-12 20:00


Introduction to jazz

In my dream I was in an African village. It was night. Everyone young and old, large and small from the village was dancing and singing around a huge campfire. The rattles on their ankles and their clapping hands created a pulsating rhythm; unyielding repetition that much later became a series of variations.
A community activity without a melody instrument …a performance style that becomes a people’s custom with artistic value.
The poly-rhythms and poliphony taking form give birth to the ability that forms the cornerstone of jazz.

The process provides a peek into active community coexistence. The task is exciting. For Europeans it is generally an unknown area, so stumbling is compulsory. I can even recommend it for those without musical background -  or as a cultural adventure for those working in different areas of the arts.

All this works in circle dance form (without the campfire) and is based on imitation and repetition.
As necessary, beginning and advanced groups can be formed.

What you’ll need:
good mood and spirit of adventure
two sets of rattles that can be tied to ankles (homemade, or whatever)
Comfortable clothing

Looking forward to meeting anyone interested!
Geröly Tamás Sándor


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