Fonó Spring:  Angyalföld’s Vadrózsa Folk Dance Ensemble

Fonó Spring: Angyalföld’s Vadrózsa Folk Dance Ensemble

Event starts: 2021-04-1719:30 Event ends: 2021-04-1723:59
Event location : ONLINE ESEMÉNY

Fonó Spring!

Angyalföld’s Vadrózsa Folk Dance Ensemble

Angyalföld’s Vadrózsa Folk Dance Ensemble (directors: Fundák Kristóf and Fundák-Kaszai Lili) will soon celebrate 30 years since it was founded. The ensemble has achieved the rating of “Outstanding Group” three times, they perform regularly at national folk dance competitions and forums, both the group and its individual members hold many awards. The directors strive for authenticity as well as creativity in their work. Responding to the challenges of the 21st century they create folk dance programs for today’s audiences with an eye to the future. Their spectacular choreographies present the rich variety of folk culture found in the Carpathian Basin.

This particular program highlighting TRADITION, INNOVATION and COMMUNITY is one of their most successful choreographies. Authentic dances and music from the various regions of the Carpathian Basin are enriched by contemporary stage craft to create a fine presentation of traditional Hungarian folk culture.

Performed by: Angyalföld’s Vadrózsa Folk Dance Ensemble
Artistic directors: Fundák, Kristóf and Fundák-Kaszai, Lili
Music : Bazseva Band

Thanks to support from their sponsors this performance can be viewed for 2000 HUF
Tickets can be purchased AT THIS LINK for live streaming.

This event is part of the Budapest Spring Festival

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