Jamese, Arusenkaa

Event date/time : 2019-05-18 20:00




ArusenKaa is a singer-songwriter folk duo out of Budapest, Hungary, featuring songwriter Arusyak Mirzoyan on lead vocals and composer Karen Arutyunyan on an eclectic array of traditional and contemporary instruments. Both Armenian musicians, their music is strongly influenced by their heritage, but draws influence from a diverse range of styles that include Armenian Bard music, folk music and Fidain songs as well as the alternative bands of the 90’s Seattle scene, alternative, jazz, world music, psychedelic and art rock. Stylistically, you’ll notice shades of Kate Bush, early Genesis and even Nina Hagen, punctuated by dramatic eastern scales and modalities that are at once fascinating and hypnotic.

Arusyak began her career as a physician, but music was always her true passion. She fronted the Russian underground alternative band Placenta, and later went on to collaborate with IDM artist Ambidextrous on the electronic project Jermook. She has performed on a multitude of stages, including the Avant International Festival and she also participated in Russia’s largest rock-music festival, Nashestvie, and the Festival of Modern Art, ‘Territoria’.

A respected guitar player in his own right, Karen gained recognition on the international scene with bands that include Deti Picasso and Wattican Punk Ballet. With a playing style that is influenced by Jimmy Page and Sonny Sharrock, he is often described as one of the most recognizable Russian/Armenian guitarists of his generation. He has performed at many major European music festivals, and has collaborated with recognized musicians. In addition to arranging and composing the music for AusenKaa, he also contributes guitars, Mandolin, duduk, shvi (Armenian flute) and other woodwinds, bass guitar, percussion, synthesizers and programming as well as lead and backing vocals.

Today Karen and Arusyak are based in Budapest and play on different stages of Hungary. For their concert they use to invite different hungarian musicians what makes their sound fresh and different each time.

Tickets: 1000 HUF


Fonó Budai Zeneház
116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 3

+36 1 206 5300