Chamber Thursday: VENI, Ephemere Duo – Free admission

Chamber Thursday: VENI, Ephemere Duo – Free admission

Event date/time : 2021-10-1420:00

Chamber Thursday

20:00 VENI

In 2016 Szász Veronika and Bata István started working on a double record entitled “VENI Unfold” – the recording was released in 2018 on the Beauteous Beats label. The VENI formation performed its own electronic compositions for the first time in May 2019 in the Lovagterem of the Saint István Basilica in Budapest. In addition to live sound composition, they do more or less chamber versions of songs for bass guitar and voice accompanied by delicate electronic atmosphere. Improvisation is an important part of their performances doing eclectic genre pieces with 'momentary inspiration'. Their second recording “Unform” was released in August of 2020, and their newest record “Unfold Live” in 2021.

21:00 Ephemere duó

Ephemere Duo has been working officially as a band since 2020. Jazz singers and regular members of the band Caussanel Izabella and Orbay Lilla began working together while studying at the music conservatory. They inspire one another, and more and more ideas come along. The duo functions within the framework of jazz blessed with folk music elements, at times fused with more popular influences. They often perform with guest musicians.

Caussanel, Izabella – voice
Orbay, Lilla - voice
Telgdi, Gáspár - accordion
Arday, Dani – double bass
Sebestyén, Patrik - trumpet

Admission free of charge

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