Makám, Söndörgő concerts

Makám, Söndörgő concerts

Event starts: 2021-11-2620:00 Event ends: 2021-11-2623:00

20:00 Makám concert

Makám is an internationally recognized domestic ambassador of world music. The orchestra’s work has spanned periods of tradition and modernity, East and West, the duality of the collective and the individual, the search for ancient unity and harmony. The ensemble, founded by Zoltán Krulik, initially arrived to the music scene as an ambassador for improvisational chamber music in Central and Eastern Europe, in an era subtly nuanced by Asian, Far Eastern roots, Balkan and African influences, and repetitive elements of contemporary music. This trend continued through the 90s with elements of jazz merging with Makám’s world of sound. The band’s latest era is marked by a series of thematic, vocal records. In the last decade, singers Irén Lovász, Bea Palya, Ági Szalóki and Szilvia Bognár have performed as soloists with Makám. The band performs regularly at foreign festivals, and is an active participant in Hungarian music life. The ensemble also reaches out to the younger generations, with repertoire called: “Sindbád in Ákom bákom”, “Csillagváró”.

"From what depths of the soul, from what distant lands does this music sound? What is this song about? …what do the peoples’ souls hide? We have discovered times, peoples distances in us, in ourselves... " (Tamás Vekerdy)

Magyar, Bori - voice
Eredics, Dávid - clarinet, saxophone, kaval, wooden flute
Kuczera, Barbara – violin, voice
Krulik, Zoltán – acoustic guitar, voice
Boros, Attila – acoustic bass guitar
Keönch, László – drum, percussion


21:30 Söndörgő concert

Söndörgő is not your average Balkan band. Instead of brass instruments or violins, this Hungarian band was built up around the tambura - a real tambura band. The tambura is a small plucked instrument reminiscent of a mandolin. By adding wind instruments, accordion and drums you get the Söndörgő sound. The music comes from Serbian and Croatian traditions and Hungary’s ‘Southern Slav communities. The band researches this little-known Balkan tradition, creating the adaptations and compositions they perform at their concerts. Söndörgő's traditional repertoire consists of melodies collected by Béla Bartók and Tihamér Vujicsics, as well as pieces learned directly from the traditional master musicians. What Söndörgő brilliantly combines is respect for tradition, a desire for innovation, and fiery unstoppable virtuosity.

Dénes, Ábel – double bass, tapan
Eredics, Áron – prím tambura, cello tambura, derbuka, saz
Eredics, Benjamin – brácstambura, trumpet
Eredics, Dávid – prím tambura, bassprím tambura, clarinet, alt saxophone, kaval
Eredics, Salamon – bassprím tambura, accordion, hulusi, shepherd’s flute, cello tambura

Tickets: 2500 Ft - in advance / 3000 Ft - day of the concert



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