Muzsik and Volkova, Meszecsinka - two concerts

Muzsik and Volkova, Meszecsinka - two concerts

Event starts: 2021-10-1620:00 Event ends: 2021-10-1623:00

Fonó Double Concert:

Muzsik and Volkova, Meszecsinka

20:00 Muzsik and Volkova

They have been playing music together for more than 10 years, and founded their duo the summer of 2016.  ‘Muzsik and Volkova’ have created a new world of music. Their sensitive but outspoken songs contemplate social and personal life situations, daily life and public stories. Their colorful instrumentation is characterized by experimental solutions.

“Muzsik and Volkova are an outstanding continuation of the work of two great Hungarian chroniclers. They do excellent arrangements of both Cseh Tamás’ and Dinnyés József’s songs, taking on the mentality and spirit of their work.” (Fonó)

In 2017 Muzsik and Volkova won the Veszprém Street Music Festival jury’s award, with Volkova winning a special award at the festival. In the spring of 2018 they were amongst 12 awarded bands in the Szimpla Lemming Program. Since the summer of 2020 they have been performing with new members of the band: Takács Szabi (double bass) and Prommer Patrik (drum).

Live Session - Sounday Studio:
MR2 Petőfi Akusztik:

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21:00 Meszecsinka

After a long deep sleep, Meszecsinka returns to the Fonó inviting those so predisposed - to a communal daydream. After touring 25 countries, the world music ensemble is now working on a new recording from which they’ll present a few new compositions.

Oláh, Annamari – voice, saz, keyboards, gusli
Biljarszki, Emil – guitar, keyboards
Krolikowski, Dávid – drums, guitar
Takács, Szabolcs - bass

2000 Ft - In advance / 2500 Ft - Day of the event


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