ONLINE! Fonó Selection Day 3

ONLINE! Fonó Selection Day 3

Event starts: 2021-02-2408:00 Event ends: 2021-02-2423:59
Event location : ONLINE ESEMÉNY

Fonó Selection 2021
Day 3
2021.02.24. Wednesday

08:00 FolkEmbassy Podcast: Informants from the revival movement - Navratil Andrea

“The peasant understood the world so much better than we who become easily lost amongst all the information. Why is it good to go into the field to collect from traditional folk artists? What is the magic of the personal experience? Meeting people who are still connected to the past and tradition is much more than simply a song or a tale. Just being together with them is already a huge treasure. So much can be seen and learned from even the smallest seemingly mundane contact.”
Informants from the revival movement in a music podcast format

In Hungarian

Guest: folk singer, story teller Navratil Andrea
Host: Rosonczy-Kovács, Mihály: director - FolkEmbassy Band.

Könczei, Bálint (violas)
Jobbágy, Bence (cymbalom)
Lakato,s Dávid (double bass)

With regular guests:
Kubinyi, Júlia (voice)
Bede, Péter (saxophone)

Avaliable online from the actual time of broadcast on Fonó Budai Zeneház Soundcloud, and Spotify.

20:00 Concert: Szerényi Béla jr - Fekete Márton duo
Szerényi Béla jr. and Fekete Márton ’Kispuma’ both play in several dance house bands including Magyar Banda. Their duo concert will feature melodies from the villages of Szék, Kömörő and Magyarbece.

Szerényi, Béla jr. – winds, voice, dance
Fekete, Márton ‘Kispuma’– viola

Available at the actual performance time on the Fonó facebook channel. Link here:



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