ONLINE! Fonó Selection Day 4

ONLINE! Fonó Selection Day 4

Event date/time : 2021-02-2508:00
Event location : ONLINE ESEMÉNY

Fonó Selection 2021
Day 4
2021.02.25. Thursday


08:00 Fonó Podcast: Performing online

The COVID19 Pandemic has completely changed the usual formats for the performing arts. We speak to the guests about the artistic challenges of adjusting to the new situation, their experiences, the advantages and disadvantages of online performance, and about new forms of performing arts broadcasting.

In Hungarian

Leader: Kubinyi, Júlia  - Fonó’s folk music director

Kocsis, Enikő – dancer, choreographer, artistic director the Szentendre Folk Dance and Fitos Dezső Ensembles
Csonka, András – Cultural director: Hungarian Academy of Music
Hámori, Máté – head conductor: Óbuda Danubia Orchestra

Available online from the actual time of broadcast on Fonó Budai Zeneház Soundcloud, and Spotify.


20:00 Concert: Varga Veronika - Réti Benedek duo

Varga Veronika and Réti Benedek work together in both Babra Band (tambura music) and Esperia (Greek coffee house music). In this concert they will play Greek, Serbian, Macedonian and Bosnian melodies.

Varga, Veronika - voice
Réti, Benedek - accordion

Available at the actual performance time on the Fonó facebook channel. Link here:



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