Event date/time : 2020-08-1520:00

Zuboly is one of the most colourful and heterogeneus ensembles among Hungary's pop bands.They performed in almost all European countries, and also their full house concerts in the biggest Hungarian music festivals proved that their cooperation was not in vain. Their essential character lies in the harmonious transition between folk and contemporary songs (including hits, also those of operas, Hungarian folk songs, jazz music and Gipsy songs), transforming the good old tunes into novelties without any prejudice or further judgement with the aim of entertaining. 

Members of the Band:

Ágoston Béla, MC Busa (Busa Pista), Benke Ágoston Félix, Hock Ernõ, Mizsei Zoltán, Szarvas Dávid

Facebook page of the Band: https://www.facebook.com/zuboly/


Tickets: in advance 1800 Ft, on the day of the concert 2200 Ft

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