Boban Markovic New Year's tour: Hungary January 2-9, 2018

2017-12-14 12:47:25

Legendary trumpet player Boban Markovic performs with guest Pápai Joci

Guest: Pápai Joci (performing at every venue except Veszprém)

Boban Markovic Orkestar has achieved everything that a band in this genre possibly can: countless awards, 100s of thousands of records sold, hundreds of club and festival concerts! Tens of thousands of fans follow their performances all over Europe. Boban has been Serbia’s best trumpet player for some two decades; and according to Songlines music magazine he’s the world’s best! Between January 2nd and 9th, 2018, Boban will perform his exuberant, unleashed brass music in seven different Hungarian cities, and you'll have the chance to see how his band is complimented with one of Hungary’s most popular male singers: Pápai Joci. We promise nothing but liberated enjoyment, fun and beautiful Balkan melodies, where Southern and Eastern European music traditions mix and open up new perspectives to discerning ears. Everyone is welcome!


January 2nd: Komárom, Városi Művelődési Központ 7 PM Tickets here

January 3rd: Veszprém, Hangvilla Multifunkcionális Közösségi Tér 7 PM  Tickets here

January 4th: Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 7 PM Tickets here

January 5th: Pécs, Kodály Központ 7 PM Tickets here

January 7th: Miskolc, Művészetek Háza 7 PM Tickets here

January 8th: Szeged, IH Rendezvényközpont  7 PM Tickets here

January 9th: Tatabánya, A Vértes Agorája  7 PM  Tickets here



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116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 3

+36 1 206 5300