New Release! Pendely: Debrecenbe' nyílik a virág

2020-08-18 21:38:42


This record reflects two decades of work through presenting the singers who were the students of Pendely singing groups during the 2018-2019 school year.

 The teachers who have brought this publication to life, Judit Sáriné Szebenyi and
Lilla Tóth, do exemplary work leading the Pendely singing groups. In their recordings,
the pursuit of folkloristic authenticity is coupled with a high level of musical sophistication.
This is reflected not only in the quality of the melodies chosen, but in the
characteristically secure intonation and fresh, natural sound of the students’ singing.
In my opinion their work at the Debrecen center is an excellent demonstration of the
results that can be achieved with the Táncház Method, not only within Hungary, but
for an international audience. We offer this album to you with warmth and love, and
hope you use it in good health!
Gergely Agócs

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