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Introduction to the method of jazz with Geröly Tamás!

In my dream I went to an African village. It was nighttime. Everyone from the village – young and old - were all dancing and singing around a huge bonfire. There were rattles on their legs, a pulsating rhythm came from the palms of their hands. Repetitive, doggedly the same, eventually evolving into a chain of variations.

Community activity without a melody instrument…a style of performance that becomes human custom and takes on artistic value.
The poly-rhythm (synchrony of even and uneven beat) and polyphony (in its various formations) that evolve give birth to the capabilities basic to jazz.
The process gives a taste of active community coexistence. The task is exciting and for Europeans generally unknown territory, so bumbling is mandatory:). I would even recommend it without any previous musical training. It can also be a cultural adventure for those that create in other areas of the arts.
All this happens in the form of a circle dance (without the bonfire) working with imitation based on repetition.

When necessary beginning and advanced groups can be formed.

What is needed:
- Good mood, spirit of adventure
- 2 sets of rattles with various sounds to be fastened to ankles (the more homemade the bettert!)
- Comfortable clothing

Everyone interested is welcome!
Geröly Tamás Sándor

Admission FREE