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Dance house reigns on Fonó Wednesdays!

Every week we invite two guest bands to play dance house music all evening. Góbé and PásztorHóra bands play every two weeks for Hungarian string band and Moldavian dance houses. Other bands from Budapest, the countryside and communities outside Hungary’s borders will also play for dancing during the season.

Come with, or without a partner; with or without dance experience! Everyone is welcome!

Tickets: 1000 Ft

Young enthusiastic musicians from the countryside got together in Budapest in the spring of 2013 to form Bajkó Band . Their language is Hungarian folk music. The ensemble plays authentic traditional melodies from several areas of the Carpathian Basin. Not too long ago they released their first album entitled: “Párosan” - it features arrangements from their favorite areas of Transylvania.
What does the word “bajkó” mean? We know of two meanings: according to the Debrecen Civis Dictionary it means good quality gold; and according to the Hungarian Ethnographic Lexicon it means a black, collarless women’s jacket decorated with beads and silk ribbons.

Members of the band:
Kálmán Bence – violin, Horváth Balázs – violin, Weingart Csaba – viola, Varga Balázs – double bass

Members of Ördöngös Band began playing folk music with Harmadik Band in a program sponsored by Téka Foundation in the Transylvanian town of Szamosújvár/Gherla. They got together as a band during the summer camps in Válaszút and Kalotaszentkirály. By 2015 they were working under the name of Ördöngös. In 2017 they entered Hungary’s televised Páva Folk Talent Contest and made it to the finals. Ever since playing music is their primary vocation - always striving for the highest level possible they say that this is how they can evolve and truly be Hungarian.
Members of the band:
Miklósi Hunor - violin, Szabó Bence - violin, Filep Zoltán Balázs - viola, Szigeti Nimród Szilamér - viola, Szabó Szilárd Sándor – double bass
Teaching dance: Kiss Zsolt

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