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Dance house gets the spotlight on Fonó Wednesdays !

Every week we invite two guest bands to play dance house music all evening.

Góbé and PásztorHóra bands will play every two weeks for Hungarian string band and Moldavian dance houses. Other bands from Budapest, the countryside and communities outside Hungary’s borders will also play for dancing during the season.

Come with, or without a partner; with or without dance experience!
Everyone is welcome!

Fonó Wednesday Season Opening: Góbé, PásztorHóra, Fokos

Góbé Band is becoming more and more popular for their world music concerts – but the band members firmly believe that playing authentic Hungarian folk music is equally as important. They maintain their goal of serving Hungarian dance house audiences with good music for dancing. They are pleased to launch this series of regular dance houses in cooperation with PásztorHóra Band.
Góbé: Rigó Márton (violin), Csasznyi Imre (tambura, voice), Egervári Mátyás (cymbalom, tambura), Vizeli Máté (viola), Timár Márton (double bass), Dance teacher: Vizeli Dániel

PásztorHóra was formed in the summer of 2014 so they could play good music for dancing. At their dance houses the momentum of their music will sweep you into dance! They play tirelessly, until the magic of the passionate dancing takes hold of your body. Your feet beat the sound of their drum on the dance floor, and ecstatic dancing takes over. PásztorHóra Urban Csángo Folk Band brings you dynamic, youthful, energetic, whirling, cathartic music!
Band members: Bergics András (violin, bagpipe), Újházi Ádám (violin), Szlama László (coboz), Egervári Mátyás (cymbalom, bagpipe), Okos Gergely (drum)

Fokos Band became known in Hungary from the Páva folk talent contest broadcast on Hungarian TV in 2012. From Óbecse/ Bečej (Voivodina, Serbia), they carry on the tambura music traditions of the Bácska region, but also happily play music from Southern Slovakia, other parts of Hungary and Transylvania. They play concerts, táncház-es, and accompany performing folk dance groups in Voivodina and Hungary. They have also played outside of the Carpathian Basin. Their main goal is to make folk music and especially the tambura music from the southern Hungarian plains known to as wide an audience as possible. They want to keep on learning, continue developing their skills, keep on playing music and take the message of folk music to as many people, and young people, as possible, so that there will be someone to carry it on. In 2018 their second record was released by Fonó with the title: “ Jókedvemben
Members of the band: Cseszák Zsombor (violin, cymbalom), Jovánovity Péter (double bass, hit cello), Szabó András (violin, bassprim tambura), Szerda Balázs (viola, tamburakontra)

Tickets: 1000 Ft

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