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Special throat singing workshop with Huun Huur Tu!

Throat singing is the most archaic singing art of the Tuva people. The uniqueness of this art is that a single singer can sing two, three or more notes at the same time, creating a kind of harmonically rich polyphony. Huun Huur Tu has also mastered the art of throat singing and the technique of teaching it. The main rule of their teaching is an individual approach to each student.

In the workshop, the technique of performing traditional Tuva throat singing, the variations of different styles and sub-styles, as well as overtone singing will be studied.

For beginners, the first steps of learning and further instructions for self-development are given, and for those who have already mastered the technique of throat singing, the steps necessary for further development will be presented.

The workshop is in English and has limited seats!

Ticket price: 10000 HUF