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"I love playing duets. It's like a double dance, sensual and sensitive, a masterful degree of attunement. You can't hide behind anything, everything is visible, everything is audible. The two of us vibrating the sounds, the two of us shaping the space, just the two of us, yet it is completeness itself. I've been playing duets since the beginning of my career and I feel that the audience enjoys not only the sounds themselves, this clear sound of the songs, but also the process of the two musicians tuning into each other, which brings new surprises from concert to concert."

At this concert I will be on stage with Jenő Lisztes, the "King of the Cimbalom". The cimbalom is one of my favourite instruments: rhythmic and melodious at the same time, it bangs and jangles, crackles and clicks, it can lay a sound carpet and at the same time give the music a rhythmic and pinpointed support.

Jenő Lisztes is himself a Hungaricum, a captivating personality who creates a world with the first stroke of his instrument. His music is at once learned and instinctive, at once light and weighty, humble and bravura. I am passionate about his playing, and it is always a pleasure to duet with him, because it is then that both the instrument and his playing really shine through.

The repertoire is my own songs, but we have also played folk music, dance songs, French chansons and Jewish music.

Every time I play with Jenő, I feel that something in me has been lifted. And those who have listened to us before say the same thing..."

Ticket price: early bird 4000 HUF, advance booking 4500 HUF, advance booking at the door.