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Boyongó X Kiss Zenészek


We have diverse musical backgrounds, and now we're unfurling our sails together. Just as we wander separately across the country and the world, we also navigate through different musical styles together. We often return to Hungarian folk music roots, but only to inspire new ideas, and then we soar forward, making the melodies our own. One could say we play contemporary folk music.

Kiss Zenészek

Dararam... Something connects six different young people. Somehow, the various corners of the world converge. Often, we don't understand why love exists, or why it feels good to reminisce about our childhood... We don't know, but it feels good, and we know that this good feeling exists. Dararam... The musicians from Ipolybalog, in the Upper Lands, create real waves on stage. Their artistry reflects contemplation, self-awareness, and colorful alternatives of love. The ensemble, playing light music from beyond the border, eagerly brings a few cover songs to the stage. The original compositions and the covers intertwine delicately... Dararam...

Ticket price: in advance 2000 HUF, on the day of the event 2500 HUF