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Eszterlánc concert and dance house

The Eszterlánc has primarily been a band playing traditional folk music from the Mezőség region since its formation. Processing the musical traditions of four Mezőség villages, they have released eight Eszterlánc albums to date.

During their concerts, they mainly perform music from the Tóvidék, Magyarszovát, and Mezőköbölkút regions.

Császár Attila coordinates the work of the band and recurring guest artists, drawing inspiration from his collecting trips in the Mezőség region.

Bognár Szilvia – vocals
Komáromi Márton – violin
Szilágyi Márton – violin
Császár Attila – kontra
Bálint László Domonkos – double bass

Ticket price: in advance 2000 HUF, on the day of the event 2500 HUF